Chicken Little in the Church

Chicken Little likes to walk in the woods. He likes to look at the trees. He likes to smell the flowers. He likes to listen to the birds singing.

One day while he is walking an acorn falls from a tree, and hits the top of his little head.

– My, oh, my, the sky is falling. I must run and tell the lion about it, – says Chicken Little and begins to run.

He runs and runs. By and by he meets the hen.

– Where are you going? – asks the hen.

– Oh, Henny Penny, the sky is falling and I am going to the lion to tell him about it.

– How do you know it? – asks Henny Penny.

– It hit me on the head, so I know it must be so, – says Chicken Little.

– Let me go with you! – says Henny Penny. – Run, run.

So the two run and run until they meet Ducky Lucky.

– The sky is falling, – says Henny Penny. – We are going to the lion to tell him about it.

– How do you know that? – asks Ducky Lucky.

– It hit Chicken Little on the head, – says Henny Penny.

– May I come with you? – asks Ducky Lucky.

– Come, – says Henny Penny.

So all three of them run on and on until they meet Foxey Loxey.

– Where are you going? – asks Foxey Loxey.

– The sky is falling and we are going to the lion to tell him about it, – says Ducky Lucky.

– Do you know where he lives? – asks the fox.

– I don’t, – says Chicken Little.

– I don’t, – says Henny Penny.

– I don’t, – says Ducky Lucky.

– I do, – says Foxey Loxey. – Come with me and I can show you the way.

He walks on and on until he comes to his den.

– Come right in, – says Foxey Loxey.

They all go in, but they never, never come out again.


The story of Chicken Little is one that most everyone has heard more than once, from a very early age. In the story, Chicken Little exaggerates an event, to the point of hysteria. In turn, he causes pandemonium to ensue, which ultimately leads his friends to their doom.

In light of the recent events surrounding the Presidential elections of 2012, the public reaction has become nothing short of mass confusion, bordering on hysteria. If you read the Twitter feeds of conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party members, liberals, secessionists, and everyone in between, you know what I am referencing. The Main stream Media has been quick to fall in lock-step with the White House about the election, about the Fiscal Cliff, and the purported cover-up of what happened in Benghazi, Libya. Many are beginning to resemble Chicken Little, yelling, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling. Add to this the current situation between Israel and the Palestinians in the Gaza strip and you find scores of people in an emotional uproar.

Situations like this tend to go in cycles. Every few years, there is some situation or event that launches a flood of religious ‘leaders’ onto the forefront of public consciousness. The current fiscal fallout that appears to be unavoidable for the United States and the conflict bordering on all-out war in the Middle East, has caused many preachers, evangelist, pastors, church members, casual attenders, and former members to wonder if this is the beginning of the ‘final conflict’? Is this the end of the world, the Rapture, Armageddon, the return of Christ to the Earth, etc.?

Yes, the Bible clearly states that the aforementioned events will happen. Yes, these events are foretold of in various scriptures from the Old Testament to the New Testament. I do believe in what is referred to as the Rapture of the church. But, why must there be all the hype, doom and gloom being spewed from the pulpit, the radio, and the TV at this time? Shouldn’t the Church, the body of Christ, be living each day in anticipation of the return of Christ? I am no stranger to the scriptures. I can read and understand that we are closer to the coming of the Lord than we have ever been before.

But, just as Chicken Little led all his friends to their ultimate doom, I fear that many on the fringe, all the way out, or totally unaware of what it means to follow Christ will come flocking into a church out of fear and when nothing ‘drastic’ happens in some set period of time, will be right back out the door. On the other end of the teeter-totter you have those who are skeptical of religion and the mass hysteria of the topic will push them out the door, never to return again.

Am I saying that we can’t or shouldn’t preach and teach about the return of Christ? Not in the least. Am I denying the very real signs of the Biblical end-times? That couldn’t be farther from my point. What I am stating is this: Preaching and teaching a doctrine or message of fear is no way to reach a world that is hurting and searching for something real to cling to. Rather, being consistent with the message of how Christ died for each of us, because He loves us and counts us as His children, is what we should be hearing more than ‘You better turn before you burn’.

Using fear as a motivator for following Christ is no way to reach the masses. It very well might be the reason that many run from the truth.


About Markus
Self confessed MisFit trying to get through life. Christ Follower,Father,Papaw,Musician. A realist who is enjoying becoming lost in the right direction

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