Christ is Still in Christmas

Christmas TreeThe time of year for giving gifts and family gatherings as crept up on us again. Stores are playing Christmas, errr, Holiday music already. Retailers are inundating us with advertisements designed to attract our attention. Translation: Help us spend our money. When did the Christmas season become nothing more than a retailers bonanza? I know, it’s about sharing with friends and family and the retailers decided to climb aboard that gravy train. In a season meant to celebrate the birth of Jesus, He has become but a glimmer on the rapidly fading horizon. NativityDuring this season, there are celebrations of Hanukkah, and other observations. However, the primary observance has always been the Christmas story.

However, in an era of tolerance where being politically correct has superseded the wishes of many religious individuals, Christmas has been pushed aside in an effort to remove all semblance of God from any holiday. The words of former President Ronald Reagan, “If we ever forget we are one nation under God, then we are one nation gone under”, have never been more true than they are right now.

This nation has removed God from almost every aspect of public  and private life and then wonder why He no longer prospers the United States. This year, we can start by demanding that our local government does not remove the religious reminders of Christmas. Let your voices be heard, call City Hall, call the Mayor’s office, even call the School Board.

This year, lets make it point to keep Christ in Christmas.



About Markus
Self confessed MisFit trying to get through life. Christ Follower,Father,Papaw,Musician. A realist who is enjoying becoming lost in the right direction

One Response to Christ is Still in Christmas

  1. sistainarms says:

    Just blogged on a similar thing, you are right we need to remember the Reason for the Season. We have had a similar issue in Australia, where some shopping centres refused to play carols so as not offend minorities , true to Aussie form we kicked up such a stink that they had to back peddle quick smart. Speaking out is the only way , squeaky wheels get oiled 🙂

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