One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

You take one step forward and two steps back, everybody cha-cha. There is something magical in watching dance partners seamlessly, without breaking tempo, move around the dance floor. The intertwined bodies, gracefully stepping, spinning, in and out of each other’s arms is mesmerizing.

Life has been referred to as a dance. Garth Brooks famous song, The Dance, speaks to the illusion that we are all dancers waiting for our partner, changing partners, or missing the dance that is life, as it passes us by. What is it about a choreographed dance routine that can so enthrall an audience? It is the beauty of the two dancers? The elegance of the wardrobe? The movements of the bodies gliding across the floor? I believe it has something more to do with the ability of the partners to move in and out of the spotlight with grace and appreciation for each other.

Remember the awkward Jr High dance where the boys all sat on one side of the gym and the girls all sat on the other side? Graceful and mesmerizing are probably the last two words you would use to describe what that actually looked like. This first opportunity to pair off with another person your age, for the sole purpose of interacting with the music, placing your bodies in such close proximity is thrilling and terrifying all at the same time. The important element of this experience is finding a partner who is just as comfortable leading as they are in following each other. And, hopefully that someone who is the same special kind of weird as yourself.

Life has often been likened to a dance, where the hope is in finding a romantic partner you can trust to lead or to follow you through all the different rhythms you’ll experience along life’s journey. But, what happens when one partner chooses to leave the dance floor, or worse, changes partners? Is that the end of the dance or is it simply time to regroup, change songs, and learn to dance a solo?

We sometimes learn a partner has different plans, different ideals, or different perspectives on how you should face a challenge. What do you do? Oh, there’s those who say “talk about it”, “you’re being to picky”, or “don’t let it bother you”. To them I say, “until you’ve been through it, you have no right to offer an opinion”. I would be better and much more productive to simply listen as we fight through this change in tempo.

I am in the midst of not only a tempo change, but a partner change, and trying my best to choreograph an amazing solo dance routine that will be performed over and over until or if there is ever a new dance partner. I do not believe anyone goes into a relationship, a dance, expecting to change partners or have to do a solo, but, when those are your only options, you either continue with the Cha Cha, or you yell for the DJ to stop the music while you have a pity-party with yourself. So, today, almost the middle of August, 2017, I can proclaim without fear or failure, that if I have to dance solo, then that is what I will do.



About Markus
Self confessed MisFit trying to get through life. Christ Follower,Father,Papaw,Musician. A realist who is enjoying becoming lost in the right direction

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