Shut it down, NOW!

20120728-214933.jpgI don’t agree with what you are saying! You are being racist and bullying me and my way of life. No one has the right to tell me anything. I decide what is right and what is wrong and damn you all. Can you believe what that website posted last night about the #Charlottesville demonstrations? Why can’t #Trump outright call the Alt-Right, Neo-Nazis, and Confederate Flag lovers what they really are? They’re all racist, bigoted, neanderthals anyways, who’s really listening to what they have to say?

Who’s really listening to them? That is a very good question and one that we really have no way of truly knowing because we currently cannot trust what the MSM is reporting. Now, before you decide just what you think this article is driving at, let me reassure you my intention is not to pit one side against the other, or try and convince you who is right and who is wrong.

One of the overarching reasons Europeans chose to leave their home lands and risk a journey across the vast Atlantic Ocean, was the chance at freedom; freedom of and from religion, freedom to speak their mind, freedom to determine their own destiny. Oppression, tyranny, and the risk of death lead millions of people to seek a new life in the New World.

What is it about a perceived reality that causes people to risk their life in search of a new reality? It’s a chance to have and possess something, heretofore, denied by dictators, tyrants, Kings, monarchs, religious leaders and organizations. Oppression and the risk of possible death will motivate people to make seek change wherever it might lead them.

What does this mean to use today? How might these very reasons impact our country in 2017? It’s quite simple and scary at the same time. People want to express their opinions, practice their beliefs, and do so without fear of death or reprisal. Okay, now that we’ve settled that, let’s all live happily ever after.

Great in theory, but not so easy to practice. Everyone believes they are right and their opinions are the only way to live. The far left wants to have it their way and to hell with those who disagree. The far right believes the country has drifted too far away from center and is doomed to self-destruction. Then you have everyone else in between who just want to live a peaceful life, enjoy relative safety, and not have others tell them how the can or should live their life.

I am convinced of our right to say anything we want to about anything we want at any time we want. But, should we? Probably not. Why? Because what we say, may have unintended or unwanted repercussions. Simply having a right to do X, does not always mean it is the right thing to do. Just because we have the right to do Y, does not mean we should. With every word or action comes the need to determine the morality of said words or actions. But I suspect morality isn’t on the radar of good many people today. It appears, and here is MY opinion, many in our society do not consider who their words and actions may negatively impact their neighbors. Some have taken their ‘Freedom’ to the extreme and are trying to silence the opposing views. The loudest voices, regardless of their numbers, try to drown out the voices of anyone who disagree, or attempts to voice dissention. 

Why can’t we allow everyone their freedom? Why do so many scream for their voices to be heard and simultaneously seek to silence everyone else? There is something we have forgotten and/or have drifted so far away from, that is moderation. Being able to have an opinion is great, but denying that same right to others is socially and morally wrong. 

I cannot express enough my distain for White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, abortion, the NY Yankees, Taco Bell, Michigan State, and Polo Shirts. These are some of the many things I feel extremely passionate about, and that’s my right. But, I am not demanding Taco Bell be shut down, the NY Yankees be disbanded, or the White Supremacists be jailed for their rants. I can accept the idea that we all have the right and ability to do and say whatever we want, no matter how offensive it may be to others. The further we March toward censorship, the call for history to be erased, opposing views silenced, and protestors jailed, the closer we are to a Police State. I don’t know about you, but a Police State, and Martial Law are not restrictions I wish to have imposed on myself or any other member of our society.

Before we scream censorship, silence, and demand that only our voice be heard, remember why we are here. Remember what lead our forefathers to seek refuge in the New World. It was and is the ability to voice our opinions, along with everyone else, and not have to fear for our safety. You do not have to agree in order to accept the right they have to say it. You do not have to attend or listen to opinions or rallies that espouse different views, but they still have that right. Unless and until we can reel in the vitriol, the hatred, the attempt to impose our view on our neighbors, we are slowly marching toward a scenario we really can’t imagine or want to experience.


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Self confessed MisFit trying to get through life. Christ Follower,Father,Papaw,Musician. A realist who is enjoying becoming lost in the right direction

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