Defeat is only Temporary

LEAD Technologies Inc. V1.01How do you start? It’s the proverbial ‘knife in the back’. What are you supposed to say? How should I react? The thoughts  creeping into the furthest recesses of my mind, never ceasing to gnaw at my subconscious, telling me ‘maybe it’s true’, ‘maybe what’s being said is the reality’…. Read more of this post

Unconditional Love, Yeah right…

dont think soIf you loved me…you’d take me to the movies! If you really loved me…you would have bought me that Coach purse! If I want to, I could spend the next hour listing all the ways that I could have proved my love by doing, acting, buying or going somewhere with or for another person in my life.

We have all had that someone in our life who came up with something we could/should do that would somehow prove

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Dating for the older crowd


She’s just not my type. He doesn’t seem that attractive to me. She’s too fat for me. He’s too skinny, I need something I can hold on too. She dresses like a prostitute. His clothes never match. And on and on I could go with reasons why men and women choose not to date someone. I know you’ve said something similar when he started to show interest in you. I guilty of having these same type of thoughts myself. Read more of this post

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