Prioritize your life

ChoicesThis morning I woke up late and found myself rushing to get out of bed, get dressed, out the door, and off to work for my last day before Christmas. I made it to work several minutes late, but I made it. I know I am not the only one who seems overwhelmed this time of year. The running back and forth to the stores, looking for the right gift for the right person, or completely stressed out about how are you going to afford food for the family, not to mention buying them gifts. This time of year is never easy, especially for a single parent. I struggle with knowing that I am not going to able to get them what they want, but God knows I want too.
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Christ is Still in Christmas

Christmas TreeThe time of year for giving gifts and family gatherings as crept up on us again. Stores are playing Christmas, errr, Holiday music already. Retailers are inundating us with advertisements designed to attract our attention. Translation: Help us spend our money.  Read more of this post

Necessity… Re-Defined

Saw this on a another Blog and had to share.

This Christmas season, take the time to assess your priorities.

Merry Christmas

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