Happy, er Merry, ummm Whatever

ChristmahanakwanzikaAs the days draw us closer to the time of year we call “Christmahanakwanzika”, many reflect on the latest gadgets, the newest fashions, or the thoughts of burnt ham being destroyed by an ill-prepared cook trying to show the rest of the family their culinary skills. But, really, what is it we are trying to celebrate anyway? Read more of this post


Lights…..I need more Christmas lights…

Clark Griswold is the epitome of Christmas decorating. National Lampoon’s movie,  Christmas Vacation, follow’s the exploits of a man obsessed with giving his family the best Christmas ever. This movie includes a great series events showcasing Clark’s quest to have the best decorated home on the block, if not in the Universe. I bet you could look around your neighborhood and pick out the Clark Griswold’s’ in your town.  Read more of this post

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