Unconditional Love, Yeah right…

dont think soIf you loved me…you’d take me to the movies! If you really loved me…you would have bought me that Coach purse! If I want to, I could spend the next hour listing all the ways that I could have proved my love by doing, acting, buying or going somewhere with or for another person in my life.

We have all had that someone in our life who came up with something we could/should do that would somehow prove

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Used or Used, which is it?

20140102-140742.jpgWe all like to be used from time to time in some capacity where our talents, whatever they may be, can benefit someone or something. As a musician, I like it when someone asks me to be a part of a group who just want to use their talents for no other reason than to bring joy to someone else. My father was a special man who had many talents, but would never seek the spotlight. He was content to allow others to rise to the occasion, but he also enjoyed when they asked him to preach, play his alto sax, or strum the guitar. We all like those moments when people wish to use us, but we grow weary of it after a while when we realize they are only using us.

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