Death Sucks, Dying is Harder

Today is the day I have dreaded. This day will usher in a flood of emotions. My father, Oliver Spencer, will be removed from any and all life-sustaining medical equipment this morning. I know that I am following his wishes by signing the DNR (Do Not Resuscitate) authorization. However, it does not make the guilt any less palpable. Read more of this post


Looking for a Quickie…(Commitment Phobia)

Instant gratification. Seems the pursuit of instant gratification has become the driving force of the 21st century. What we want, we want yesterday, if not sooner. Cell phones, Internet, fast food, microwaves, etc., the list of items that we use to speed the process along is almost endless. In our quest to accomplish more, our need for instant answers has grown exponentially. In our thirst for spirituality, have we become obsessed with the ‘right now’?   Read more of this post

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