Does Knowledge = Salvation?

The Bible describes in vivid detail the story of the Crucifixion. I am sure that at least 75-90% of people you encounter everyday can re-tell this story from memory. They may get a few details mixed up here or there, but for the most part, it is a story known by many. But, what is the story behind the Crucifixion? What did it accomplish? Why did he do it? Read more of this post


Intimacy In Action

“Prayer is not the means to an end. In so many ways,
It is the end itself.”
(Beth Moore)

There are many kinds of prayer – petitioning prayer, silent prayer, intercessory prayer, thanksgiving prayer, warfare prayer, what some people call “listening prayer” and “soaking prayer”. But at its heart, prayer is nothing more or less than opening up your heart to Jesus. Prayer is the language of intimacy, the channel of intimacy, and the evidence of intimacy. Whether it’s a quick breath while waiting at a traffic light, an eloquent prayer in church, or a long talk in the solitude of your room, prayer is connection. Prayer is alignment. Prayer is transparency. Read more of this post

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