Unconditional Love, Yeah right…

dont think soIf you loved me…you’d take me to the movies! If you really loved me…you would have bought me that Coach purse! If I want to, I could spend the next hour listing all the ways that I could have proved my love by doing, acting, buying or going somewhere with or for another person in my life.

We have all had that someone in our life who came up with something we could/should do that would somehow prove

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Baby, I was born this way…or Not


I am currently enrolled in a college course to obtain my associates degree. Something I should have done much earlier in my life than wait till age 44. I have realized that my parents became so smart after I reached the age of 25. How is it that parents can go from being ‘out of the loop’, ‘clueless’, and just not that smart when we are teenagers to brilliant as we get older? Read more of this post

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