Lost my way

Lost my wayI don’t know where to start because I don’t know where I am. Life is not a blissful existence that moves along as if on autopilot.  If it did, my life would be perfect, without having to worry about obstacles, struggles, tragedy, or having to explain my actions to anyone; they would just understand. But, life doesn’t quite work that way, does it? No, life is a struggle where actions cause reactions, words create hard feelings, and attempts at recovery are called selfish. So, what next?

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Hey God, are you listening?

Have you ever found yourself asking that question? Do you ever feel like no one is listening to your prayers?

For those of you who are blessed to be parents, I know you can relate. Children have a way of hearing what we say but fail to listen to what we tell them. Is it possible that God is hearing us, but not listening to what we are asking Him for? Read more of this post

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