Worn Out Rituals

Much has been said over the past 10+ years about Religion and how Religion is the cause for many people leaving ‘Church’. Many people contend that Religion, loosely defined as corporate religious ritual, has become largely unpopular.
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I believe in Evolution

Life is all about evolution. Every minute of every day we are in the process of evolving. Every living creature is in a constant state of evolution. Life IS all about evolving, growing, and changing.

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Probation or the Pulpit

All my life I have heard stories of preachers that were able to sway an audience in such a manner that 100’s or 1000’s of people would come from miles around to hear them speak. When you grow up in the home of a preacher, these types of accounts were not out of the ordinary. Many times, I would sit enthralled, listening to my father recount the exploits of various evangelist, preachers or pastors. Some of these accounts would focus on the oratory skills of the preacher; other accounts would focus on the great move of the Holy Spirit that worked through the speaker to empower the listener. Read more of this post

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