Rehab your relationship

REHABIt is obvious if you watch TV that remodeling homes or rehabbing an older home is very popular today. There are many shows that explore the process of taking an older home and restoring it to its former glory. There are shows like ‘Rehab Addict’, ‘Love it or List it‘, ‘Property Brothers‘, or Cousins on Call’ that take a house that is no longer functioning the way the owners need it to or may have experienced some internal damages and needs to be rehabbed in order to function as it should. The structure of the homes may have some issues, the foundations may be cracked or crumbling or the roof may need to be replaced. What the builders do on each one of these shows does they tear down walls, remove the broken fixtures, re-route incorrect wiring or plumbing and make the homes livable, beautiful and structurally sound again. Read more of this post


Christ is Still in Christmas

Christmas TreeThe time of year for giving gifts and family gatherings as crept up on us again. Stores are playing Christmas, errr, Holiday music already. Retailers are inundating us with advertisements designed to attract our attention. Translation: Help us spend our money.  Read more of this post

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