I’m a Christian and other Lies we Tell Ourselves

Nut JobThe common perception of a person calling themselves a Christian in the 1940’s and 50’s, was that of a clean-cut man dressed in a suit and tie, along with his wife in her pretty dress. They would be walking hand in hand with their 2 children who were all dressed up, into church on a Sunday morning. They were considered the honest, trustworthy members of society. Be it right or be it wrong, this concept was the perception, the generally accepted understanding of what a Christian was.

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Why do Good people suffer

This is not the topic I expected to be writing at this moment, however, life doesn’t always go the way we think it should. Nor are we able to control the physical ups and down’s of our loved ones.

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The evidence of the Holy Spirit

As I stated earlier in a previous post, I am on a quest to ascertain reasons for my belief of some very important aspects of my life. In order to solidify my stance on certain topics, I will be posing various questions to myself, and to anyone else that cares to chime in. Read more of this post
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