For you…

This is for you, whomever you are. 

I’ve dreamt of you all my life. I’ve spent countless hours memorizing your eyes, for in your eyes I see a reflection of my soul. I lose all sense of time and thought as I contemplate what I’ll say, when I finally meet you. I do not know where you are, but I can sense your presence. We may have never met, but I know your deepest desires.
As I gaze into the vastness of nighttime sky, every star, every planet, every Galaxy pales in comparison to your beauty. It’s as if you’ve been painted with the brush strokes of a master painter, who is in no rush to reveal his masterpiece.

One day, my dream will become my reality. One day, you will walk into my life and I will know you, even though I’ve never seen you. Until the time I can travel the back roads with you, stopping to walk through the morning mist, while listening to the song of the morning dove, I will prepare myself as a highly skilled athlete trains for the biggest race of his life. 

For now, rest sweet as you drift slowly off to sleep, knowing that with the first rays of the morning sun comes another opportunity to meet your destiny.


Expectations and Heartbreak


Have you ever wanted something so bad, only to fall short, and have to deal with the hurt and pain it caused? Most of us have, but if you haven’t, be thankful. But, as 2015 begins, I have come to the realization that expectations often lead to heartache when those expectations go unmet. Read more of this post

Awake, for the very first time

looking-backOver the course of the past year, life has changed in a dramatic fashion for me. There are those moments in life that shake you and there are moments in life that awaken you. The difference between the two may not always be noticeable while you’re in the midst of the struggle, but given time, it usually becomes crystal clear. 
Read more of this post

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