An Open Letter to You…….


There comes a point in everyone’s life that you pause to reflect on who you’ve come to be and what you have become. It can be a dramatic life event or a spiritual encounter that forces you to take inventory of your life. But, we all eventually have this moment. What we do in that moment will determine the what we do and what direction our life will take. Having come to that point, I have written an Open Letter to You……….

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Probation or the Pulpit

All my life I have heard stories of preachers that were able to sway an audience in such a manner that 100’s or 1000’s of people would come from miles around to hear them speak. When you grow up in the home of a preacher, these types of accounts were not out of the ordinary. Many times, I would sit enthralled, listening to my father recount the exploits of various evangelist, preachers or pastors. Some of these accounts would focus on the oratory skills of the preacher; other accounts would focus on the great move of the Holy Spirit that worked through the speaker to empower the listener. Read more of this post

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