Big, big shoes

Big ShoesHave you ever had one of the moments? You know those moments. The ones where something seemingly random happens, but it causes you to stop in your tracks and really consider something profound? It was during a recent conversation with a friend on Twitter that caused me to pause, and contemplate just what I am doing with my life. Have I reached my full potential? Am I in the place God wants me to be or am I in a place I want to be instead?

We all have dreams and ambitions that are heretofore unfulfilled. Many of these dreams were handed down from parents or grandparents who dreamed of a lasting legacy. How does your dream begin?

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Must we Re-hash the Past?

Have you ever had a moment in your life that you wish you could have back? Did you ever wish for just one more opportunity to make a different choice? In life, there are those decisions, when seen through the rear view mirror, that don’t appear to be as well thoughtout as we once believed they were. Can we reverse the choices we made in the past? Can we overcome the stigma that may be associated with our choices?

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Death; The Final Act

It has been said our greatest lessons are often those learned from first-hand experiences. For all the learning styles psychologists  have used to describe the most or least effective ways humans take in and recall data, experience seems to be at the top of the list. This does not mean we cannot learn and recall data through books, media, or lectures. What it says is that for many individuals, the lessons that stick with us the best or the longest are those where we ‘get our hands dirty’ by being right in the middle of that lesson. Read more of this post

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